Sarah Ryder was born in North Wales, 1978. She moved to Hull and studied BA Painting at Hull School of Fine Art (1997 – 2000). In 2001 she headed down to London where she studied MFA Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art (2006 – 2008).

Sarah moved to Colwyn Bay in 2015, with her family and has been on something of a hiatus for the past few years while she made babies and roughly figured out how the flip to rear young. She is now feeling more settled, has a lovely studio and is claiming back her practice. Writing about myself in third person again – Hell Yeh!

Sarah Ryder exhibited as Sarah Bowker-Jones* in various previous exhibitions including ArtHouses, Whitley Bay (2019), LLAWN Festival, John Street, Llandudno (2018), Boobs – The Semiology of Breast, The Art Foundation, Athens, Greece (2017), LlanDada, Freehaus Art School, Llandudno (2016), Stop Frame: Broadcast!, Wirksworth Arts Festival (2014), <<A<<Tri>>Lick>>, Peer, London (2013). 

She is currently working on a new body for work for her solo exhibition at Galeri, Caernarfon, February 2021.

Her work was featured in the 2009 Phaidon book Younger Than Jesus: Artist Directory, New Museum, New York, and in the New Contemporaries 2007 catalogue.

* Bowker-Jones was a name merge of her mother's maiden name (Bowker) and her birth surname of Jones. In 2006 she changed Sarah Jones into Sarah Bowker-Jones, due to the incredible number of other people sharing the same name, including several other artsists. She also felt ittitated by her father's name getting precidence over her, when it is her mother who is by far the better parent. So, Bowker-Jones was thought of as a kind of band name and served a purpose to seperate the art self from all the other selves. Anyhow, the years passed, complications arose, especially living with two very different names post marriage. So, Februray 18, 2020 Sarah Bowker-Jones was officially ditched and will further more be known as Sarah Ryder. Sarah Ryder is many things including being a practising artist, and that's okay.